Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury, messenger of the Gods, is the Roman God of communication and everyday routine. Usually three times a year, for about three weeks, Mercury goes Retrograde, meaning that from the viewpoint of Earth, the planet appears to be moving backward.

Many astrologers believe this is a dangerous time to sign contracts or make important decisions. It's also a common time for electrical and mechanical problems, especial when dealing with communications. Faxes get lost, computers act funny, signals get crossed, appointments are missed, miscommunication abounds, car troubles start, money problems or mistakes in statements are common, etc.

When Mercury is retrograde, take special care with matters of communication, commerce and transportation. Follow up e-mails or letters or answering machine messages with phone calls to make sure they were received. Double check driving directions or any travel plans. Confirm all reservations. Be sure to check bank statements and all receipts and double check your math in your checkbook.

As a Witch, this means during Retrograde, be especially careful with the wording of your spells, circle calls and all other magickal workings. This is not the time for important rituals such as dedications. Double or triple check your correspondence charts before beginning any work. And expect the unexpected.

If something goes wrong, take it with a grain of salt. After all, you knew it was coming.

It's a good idea wait until Mercury goes retrograde before beginning a serious project or making a major decision.

However, not everything about Mercury Retrograde is gloom and doom. Retrograde is a time to be introspective. It is a good time to tie up loose ends, reconnect with people from the past, make mechanical repairs and get systems in order. This can also be a productive period for psychological and spiritual review as new information can be gleaned from old experiences. Some people like to do past life work during this time.

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